Taking the Limits off God

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Each chapter in this book is a self-contained lesson and is short enough to be read in just a few minutes. You will learn…


Author: Dr. James B. Richards

Pages: 94

Trim Size: 9 x 6 x 0.2 inches

Binding: Perfect Paperback

ISBN: 978-0-983253-62-4

The twentieth century church is a product of years of unbelief which has been handed down from generation to generation. Like the Pharisees of Jesus’ day, our doctrines are “the traditions of men.” We have limited God to the unbelief of our predecessors. That is the reason the church today is not seeing the power of God manifested in signs and wonders and mighty miracles. Like the prophet Elisha, we must boldly ask, “Where is the God of Elijah?” If we are not seeing the miracles in our day, we must acknowledge that God has not changed (James 1:17): we are the ones that have limited what He can do in our day. God is willing to be everything to us that He has been to any person named in the Bible. The only thing that has changed is our perception of God. Each chapter in this book is a self-contained lesson and is short enough to be read in just a few minutes. You will learn… * How we have been taught to place limits on God * How to break the cycle of destructive, negative thinking * How to establish a true sense of self-worth The key to your freedom is taking the limits off God…

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12 reviews for Taking the Limits off God

  1. Peak

    Eye opening and insightful. All believers should read this. Shame this book was not written when i became a believer. Should be given to all new believers so that they will start the journey right.

  2. Donald A. Fisher

    Amazingly good book. This is one of several of his books that I have read. This format is more reader-friendly for the less theological person.

  3. cooky2000

    james Richards is the best, I read all his materials

  4. Erica Diah

    this book brings you back to reality, where you stand in God important Gods and the promises of His word

  5. Jo

    Great author, great read

  6. K.K.

    Just finished book ! This is a great start for new year 2014! I am walking in the healing and goodness of my Lord through what I have learned from this book! I want all the people in my sphere to see and know that Jesus did come to give us life abundant and to destroy the works of the evil one!

  7. Barbara

    I started reading it while waiting in a doctor’s office for my husband’s appointment. The past 30 years I have written some books that were what I thought to be radical in relation to my evangelical theological beliefs. I had many questions about things I had been taught that didn’t seem to make sense to me and so I decided to research them for myself. I had two years of Greek in college and learned the grammar and how to translate the New Testament. I found some amazing answers to my questions and changed my paradigm of thinking about God. When I read the first few chapters of Dr. Richards’ book I knew I had to get it and finish it because his thinking was so on track of what God had shown me about Himself and what we have because of what Jesus did for us. It was a confirmation to me. Dr. Richards put everything so simply and perfectly and made it easy to understand. I have told others about it. I think it would be a good book to study in an adult Sunday School class. This book should be in the hands of every Christian–it would change their life and instead of being defeated as most Christians are, they could live over-coming lives.

  8. Samantha Ornelas

    Jim Richards does it again with this book, he makes an understandable explanation of the Gospel and how we have been schooled to limit God in our churches so that we cannot have the victorious life that Jesus promised.

  9. Teekay Elle

    WOW! is all I can say. How much do we limit God in our lack of faith! Take the limits off of Him so you can be firm in your faith

  10. J. Glover

    God is limited in what He can do in our lives by what WE believe. He is all powerful but on earth,we have soveriengty in our lives.We can change what we believe by focusing on what GOD says instead of focusing on past experience or circumstance. Dr. Richards offers guidelines.

  11. Joyful

    Dr. Richards opens up your thinking with biblical sense that helps you realize your true potential.
    He isn’t high tech in his writing but very down to earth, talking to your next door neighbor kind of style. loved it.
    I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to have a closer relationship with God.

  12. Shelly

    This is a must read for every true believer who wants to experience all that God has already provided for us through Jesus! It is one of the greatest keys to experiencing the abundant life that Jesus came to give us. The scriptures are awesome and used in the right context and is all based on the finished work of Jesus!

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