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Fiction – Sarah Long is a TV reporter covering the response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami when she becomes aware of ‘the angel of mercy’: a man who seems to be performing miracles among those most affected by it, and then disappears before anyone can find out who he is.
Sarah and her cameraman are led by events, instinct, dreams, and memories to follow a trail left for them to discover who the angel is, and his reasons for doing what he does.

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Sorry to disturb you, he said as he leaned against the door frame.

“Ive just seen breaking news from Sri Lanka. Apparently, all 70 patients in a makeshift hospital on the northeast coast suddenly got up and walked out. Some guy no one knew just walked into the place and started talking to people. Next thing theyrcured’. The doctors havrecords of all their injuries, but all those people are now even better than they were before the tsunami. And one of the volunteer doctors who worked there said she had worn glasses since her time in college, and now her vision is perfect without them.

Sarah still maintained the pretense of her outward composure. “So where is this guy who walked through the place talking to people?”

“Thats the point. No one knows,” said Terry. “He just disappeared. The locals say he must have been an angel. What do you reckon, girl?”

Terry allowed time for the question to take root, but not enough for her to dig it up and deal with it before he added, “How about a connection with what we saw on the island today?”

What do you mean he just disappeared?” Sarah hadnt quite kept pace with what Terry had been saying. “People dont just disappear. I mean did he drive away or walk off into the sunset? Did he sprout wings and fly? Come on, TerryPeople dont just disappear.

She had swallowed the bait. Now he just needed to reel her in. He raised his hands to placate her while denying any responsibility. “Dont ask me; Im just the messenger. They said no one knew who the guy was or where he is now. The roads and bridges were wrecked by the tsunami, so he couldnt drive out. And therwere no other helicopters in or out. But you can bet thats about to change!”


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