Does the Bible Really Say That?


20 Biblical (seeming) Contradictions Explained

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This book is the result of my longing to grow deeper in love with the God I began to love when I was only a child. I now find that love growing deeper each day.

God’s Word may seem full of contradictions, but if we love Him enough, take time to study His Word, meditate on Him and communicate with Him in prayer, we will begin to understand His heart. The more we understand His heart, the more we will bond with Him and grow in our love for Him. The more we love Him the more we will realize that His Word is not full of contradictions, but it is we who are full of failures in our understanding.

What seems to be contradictions in the Bible are simply failures to communicate with Him. We fail to properly translate His Word and to put it into its proper context—historically, textually and emotionally. We need to understand the emotions behind the words of God in Scripture, the nuances of His words and to establish an accurate worldview of God. Is He an angry God or a broken-hearted God? Is He a demanding, nagging God or a God who just wants to be loved and show His love?

One thing is certain, if we human beings are complex, then how much more complex is our Creator? The easy way out is to say God’s Word is full of contradictions and that we just have to accept it. Or we could choose to devote ourselves to the study of His Word, meditate on it and communicate with Him in prayer. If we take the time and effort to try to understand Him, before long, our love will grow to the point where we realize that maybe He is not a God of contradictions but simply a complex God who requires our love, devotion, and effort to understand Him as best as we can in our human state.

This book is not only an attempt to address many of the so-called contradictions in the Bible but also to reflect on a lifetime of growing in love with its Author.

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