Establishing Your Heart


No More Boundaries!

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Every limitation in our lives has been learned. Our beliefs were forged by those who didn’t believe in us, those who wanted to limit and control us. The Bible points out that all the boundaries in our lives are the fruit of the beliefs of our hearts!

I have dedicated the last fifty years to developing biblically-based tools that help us move our boundaries by influencing the beliefs of our hearts.

Establishing Your Heart: No More Boundaries will guide you step-by-step in identifying and establishing your heart in the core beliefs that shatter your boundaries.


  • Key biblical insights about how to influence the beliefs of the heart
  • Exercises that take you on this journey
  • Secrets about how to pass through the portal to God’s presence
  • Insights on how to always know what to expect from God
  • Vital truth about how to access the supernatural power of transformation
  • Vital steps for healing a broken heart
  • Ultimate truth for walking in supernatural authority

To establish your heart means to set it on a firm foundation. This can be the end of your lifelong struggles to have stable emotions!

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