New Life



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Welcome the family! I’m honestly excited to be your brother! This family is the best absolute group of individuals you can get around. Let me introduce you to a few people.

God, our Father…

Jesus, our Savior…

Holy Spirit, our Comforter…

The book you’re holding is an easy guide to the basics of your new life and your family in Jesus!

In this new life, you’ll experience joy, love, and community. You’ll learn that Jesus loves you too much to leave you where you are. Your past doesn’t matter; it’s your future He cares about.

This book explains a few basic but important things about your new life in Jesus:

  • What is Baptism?
  • Finding a Community.
  • Reading the Bible
  • Listening and talking to God (prayer)
  • Getting involved in the life of your new family
  • Telling others about Jesus so they can experience this new life.

Welcome. Let’s live this new life together!


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