Second Chair Leadership


How to Serve, Thrive, and Lead from Where You Play

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Arriving first, being first, striving for first place, and sitting on top of the heap are what our culture says we should strive for. Nobody shoots for second-best in life. But there can only be so many senior executives, presidents, head coaches, or lead pastors. The hard truth is that most of us will live our lives from at least second chair or even lower. I think that is something to be celebrated and leveraged for the greater good.

In the music world, every section has a section leader. They sit in first chair and play first part; second chair players play second part, etc. One part is not better or more necessary than the others. Each is important and integrates into the common goal of a well-executed musical performance.

After over four decades of leading from the middle of the pack, I want to make the case that second chair just may be the best seat in the house!

Second-chair leadership matters. Who we are, what we do, and how we do it as second chair leaders may determine the success or failure of our team, our mission, or our longevity. I am inviting you to journey with me through a comprehensive tour of the multifaceted world of leadership from the second chair in the grand hope that you will thrive from wherever you sit in your organization.


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