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Encountering His Story in Everyday Life. This biblical travelogue presents descriptions, like snapshots of a historical person. Knitted together, stories from Christ’s life bring into focus a true and astounding picture. More than a portrait of a movement, it is the representation of the Man Himself. A Man who loved all the characters of the drama.

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  • Author: Chris Maxwell
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What if you could read the stories of Jesus’ life like a travelogue? Each encounter, complete with snapshots, weaving the story of Jesus’ journey among men? What if you were invited on this journey, to go with Him, become part of the discussion and interaction as He touched the lives of those He met? A Man who loved those who hungered to see and touch God, whether they understood who He truly was or not.

  • The lonely? He loved them.
  • The misfits? He loved them.
  • The legalistic, religious, gotta-do-it-our-way-or-we-will-kill-you folks? He loved them.

Demonstrations of His love differ with each scene, but uniqueness merges with unity; the same pure, profound love shines in every sighting. The same love He shares with you as you travel with Him.

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15 reviews for Pause With Jesus

  1. Mary M. DeMent

    As a working mother of four, I must confess: I find it extremely difficult to hit “pause.” It seems there are demands coming at me from every direction. However, when I opened Chris Maxwell’s latest book, I realized early on that there was Someone Who could relate to my life. Jesus. His ministry was anything but sedentary, yet he always found time to pray, to preach…to pause. During the past month, I have joined Jesus on His journey. I have allowed myself (as Chris suggests) to “enter His story.” The short chapters invite you to read, reflect, receive, and respond. Wake up a little earlier, go to bed a little later, take a shorter lunch break, but make it your priority to Pause With Jesus.

  2. Gary Burd

    Refreshing to “Pause” with Chris as he “Pauses” with the source of his success. A man who has had and lives with extreme difficulties shares his journey of walking with Jesus in this journey of life from a broken position. His last chapter, “Noise” captured my heart. I was broken from how far removed we as the church are and hopeful because someone of your skill put words to my dream. Hopeful that I am hearing, not just an old man dreaming. Relationships not performances must re-surface in the church.

  3. William D. Griggs

    Great insight, Great Devotional

  4. James Rovira

    Chris Maxwell devotional writing is born out of lived experience — real suffering, real life, and real struggles as well as real victories. His honesty about struggles makes his testimony about God’s work in his life compelling and just as honest. If you’re looking for a daily devotional and tired of platitudes, this is a good read.

  5. Susan

    I have been encouraged by Chris Maxwell’s words, both spoken and written, for almost 20 years. In Pause with Jesus, Chris takes biblical truths that I have heard many times and applies them to modern day life. As always, the written words of Chris bring hope for today and inspire me to keep walking.

  6. Heather Pappa

    As someone who has heard these stories for my entire life, it is easy to speed through familiar words and miss the deeper meaning. Chris’s writing style lends itself to slowing down, rather making the reader slow down, seeing the story from a different perspective and allowing the message to make the short but none the less important journey from head to heart.

  7. J. Eichermueller

    I received this book from Chris Maxwell as a Christmas gift and was very pleased with it. It is written by a Spirit-filled minister of the Gospel, so is inspiring to other Christians.

  8. R. Womack

    I’m a huge fan of the Pause series by Chris Maxwell. In this latest installment, Pause with Jesus, Maxwell’s voice is more poetic, inviting, and passionate about not only helping us understand the story of Jesus, but growing in relationship with Jesus. This book makes a great gift or used as a resource for daily devotional use. You won’t regret reading this!

  9. Hope Hammond

    I am actually still reading this book, but I wanted to go ahead and write a review. I am a big fan of Chris Maxwell’s Pause books, and I don’t rush through them. I take my time because there is so much love and wisdom to be found, and I have to stop and take it all in. This latest book feels like I’m reading poetry almost. It’s that beautiful. As always, I love that he gives us the option for reading it by ourselves or as a group study. It works great for both! I really like how he ends each chapter with action points. It makes a great gift, too. This book is practical, meaningful, inspiring…It’s just a really good book, and I hope by reading this, people will be encouraged to read it for themselves.

  10. Vernon Anderson

    In the busyness of life, Chris Maxwell’s new book encouraged me to stop, pause, and rest in the love of our Lord.

  11. Dianne C.

    One of the first things that drew me to Chris Maxwell was his ability to take passages from the Bible that were so familiar to me and present them in a fresh and new way from the pulpit. Now, Chris has taken that gift and made it available to everyone in his latest book in the “Pause” series, “Pause with Jesus”. Read and enjoy…more than once!

  12. Tara Denise Gedda

    Chris Maxwell has managed to capture the heartbeat of heaven and somehow enfold that pulse into pages. This journey through life is so often hectic and hurried, but with every turn of the page I find an invitation to turn into Him and to just linger there in His peacefulness. Not only do I recommend this book, but it is my gift of choice for dear ones this Christmas season!

  13. Greg Amos

    An invitation. Pause with Jesus is a doorway to enter into a time of fresh reflection of our savior. Chris Maxwell has a gift for taking his readers on a journey of discovery and rediscovery. Thank you sir for the invitation and the journey!

  14. Gary W. Moon

    Chris Maxwell is a storyteller with the eyes of a poet and a pastor with the heart of a mystic. In this fourth installment of the “Pause” series, Chris chooses 30 scenes from the life of Christ and then invites you to hit pause and step into each story. Then he invites you to take the time to read, reflect, receive and respond, before you step back with Jesus into your life.

  15. Ron White, EdD

    Reading through Pause with Jesus, I’m impressed. . .again. To say Chris Maxwell has a way with words is, well, an understatement. Words stimulate. Words motivate. Words hit home and make us think. Words encourage and comfort. And the words in Pause with Jesus do all this and more. This is another masterpiece in the Pause series. Thanks, Chris.

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