Living In The Spirit Realm


This book will give you some idea of what we will encounter in Heaven.

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Living in the Spirit Realm is immediately preceded by moving into the Spirit Realm! 

The LORD* dwells forever in Heaven, where we shall join Him as each of us graduates into the Spirit Realm. This is the ultimate destination for each believer. This book will give you some idea of what we will encounter in Heaven.

Living in the Spirit Realm will be very different from life as we know it in the here and now. There will be nothing physical, yet everything will be real! Our bodies will not be physical; we will not breathe, will not require natural food, and will not require sleep or rest. We will not have vocal cords, eardrums, or eyes, yet we will sing and hear and see! How can this be?

There will be no sun or moon, with time being a new dimension. All this newness is explored in this book, helping us to appreciate what is coming.

So, enjoy this exploration into the unknown, pulling on the Bible and other sources to help us understand what we do not know – how different life will be.

Our Spirit Bodies will look like our Earthly Bodies, so we will recognize our friends and public figures. Those who have visited Heaven tell us everyone looks to be about thirty years old, an extra blessing from the LORD*!

When God has come to Earth, He has come as a man, evidence of our being made in His image.

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