Pause 4 Book Gift Bundle

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Pause, Pause for Moms, Pause for Pastors and Pause with Jesus


The Secret to a Better Life, One Word at a Time. Pause with author Chris Maxwell as he explores a collection of words. Words of wonder, confession, hope, longing and dreams. Words we often rush past, rather than taking time to ponder their meanings and true value. Immerse yourself in each story. Ponder and meditate on each reflective word. Reconnect with life and all it has to offer. Pause.

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Pause for Moms

This book is for Moms. The stories inside invite mothers to hit pause. To rest a moment and notice the beauty in the now.

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Pause for Pastors

Finding Still Waters in the Storm of Ministry

This book is medicine. It needs to be in the hands of every pastor.

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Pause With Jesus

Encountering His Story in Everyday Life. This biblical travelogue presents descriptions, like snapshots of a historical person. Knitted together, stories from Christ’s life bring into focus a true and astounding picture. More than a portrait of a movement, it is the representation of the Man Himself. A Man who loved all the characters of the drama.

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Pause Bundle: Pause, Pause for Moms, Pause for Pastors and Pause with Jesus

These gift books are in hardcover format.

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Pause for Pastors


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Pause With Jesus


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