Sight Unseen


A Story of Courageous Faith

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ABOUT SIGHT UNSEEN: God had initiated our adventure in faith, and we heard a clear word from Him. Our home base was to be our car, but we didn’t think God intended for us to sleep in it. And it’s not like we had a long track record of living like the Israelites.

Our first cloud-move took us to Conyers, Georgia. Because it was our first opportunity to recognize a cloud-move, God graciously allowed us the space to figure out that Jackie’s invitation was also His will. The next move happened because of an ice storm. After arriving at the Beacham’s home, we realized God intended for us to stay for a few weeks.

The panic of that Monday morning was overwhelming. It felt fearful. It seemed dark, like a black screen dropped across our future. It felt like what I imagined it is like to be blind. It must also be true that panic causes a person to say insensible things. “For the first time in my life, I cannot visualize tomorrow!” one of us blurted out.

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