Untold Testimonies Told

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Can you imagine being on trial and the witnesses who could prove your innocence chose not to testify on your behalf?

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“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” (Revelation 12:11)

How many testimonies have never been heard because someone never took the time to share them?

This book is filled with testimonies of how God showed up in my life. I pray you are inspired and filled with hope, and that God shows up in your life, so you may also testify of what God has done.

My prayer for you: Father God, may your Spirit move and rest on those who read these words. May you comfort, strengthen, and help them all the days of their lives. May love flow from these pages into their hearts and fill them with hope that will compel them to share what you have done in their lives! Amen.

Stacy C. Cope is a loving husband and father. He has been a licensed and ordained minister with the International Pentecostal Holiness Church (IPHC) for 21 years. Stacy has been the Senior Pastor of Tower of Refuge Church in Dublin, Virginia, since 2009. He served as a Youth Pastor / Associate Pastor in previous years. He has also served on the Discipleship Ministry Board for the Appalachian Conference from 2006–2018 and served as the Assistant Director, Secretary, and Conference Youth Pastor. Stacy currently serves on the Appalachian Conference Executive Council as a board member. He was also the first young man to receive the Gold Medal of Achievement, the highest honor, in the Royal Rangers in the Virginia Conference / Appalachian Conference region. He then went on to win the National Royal Ranger of the Year. Stacy attended Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs, Georgia. Currently, he is also the CEO and owner of Southwest Calibration.

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4 reviews for Untold Testimonies Told

  1. Ellen Mitchell

    Such a blessing!
    I have known Stacy Cope for several years. He is a Christian friend, prayer warrior, and man of God. This book is a true blessing to all who read it. When you start reading it, you can’t put it down. It is so amazing how God has worked in Stacy’s life, and a true calling for him to share all these blessing! blessings. I recommend this book to anyone who has any doubt about the power of God, and how mysteriously He works in our lives. I know it will bless you.

  2. Matthew M.

    Great book!
    I have had the great fortune to get to know Rev. Stacy Cope, and this book speaks to who he truly is: a man of God. In this book, one will experience the power and mercy of God through the eyes of a true Christian. Moreover, the way the book is written, it feels as if Rev. Cope is sitting down and having a conversation. His message is straightforward, and his book shows the life of a good man with an even more amazing God! For readers who are unfamiliar with the Christian faith or readers who what to see the work that God can do, I highly recommend this book. Rev. Cope is a great pastor that is easily relatable to, and he has an inspiring way to connect with people. Also, as a first-time author, Rev. Cope does an astonishing job of being able to keep the reader’s attention. So, if you are looking for a great weekend read, this book would be a great way to devote a Saturday afternoon too!

  3. Chris Maxwell

    Read These Stories!
    I love stories. These stories guide us through life’s adventures of uncertainty, hope, prayer, guidance, pain, disappointment, endurance, and miracles. God’s love flavors the pages as Pastor Stacy offers readers hope in their own stories. Read this book. Welcome the stories. And welcome God to guide your stories by His wisdom and love. Thanks Stacy.

  4. Gary C. Cope

    Easy Read – Powerful Faith of a First Time Author – For All Audiences
    This book is written in a way that is “conversational” – such as like being with the Author in a personal sitting. He shares these TRUE stories in a way that any audience can understand, whether you are in the Christian Faith, or just exploring its subject to your personal life. You will probably do a little bit of crying, laughing, and if a Believer, – worshiping the Power of God using a normal, young pastor in a small VA town, with a normal life, – with one exception – a LARGE FAITH and being sensitive to the power of UNTOLD TESTIMONIES, – that when shared, enlighten the reader to say, “hey, this made a difference in Stacy, – and why can’t it make a difference in my life! – I ask you to take the challenge to unlock the pages and see what sometimes seems “unbelievable” – yet, Truth Prevailing from these pages to your heart. As a former Law Enforcement Trooper, it was almost like an “investigation” into a case study as I read some of the stories, sitting with excitement to see the outcome of Faith evidence.

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